How It All Began … A Non-Skating Girl Got Invited to a Skate Party

The Sunday Night Soul Roll in Tampa started LONG BEFORE there wasa GetYourSk8On Entertainment. On MLK Weekend 1999 the first group of 18 and old adults began skating to old school, hip hop and R&B music. The skaters were from diverse backgrounds, professions, races and ages. What they all had in common was their love of the roll and desire to get their skate on whenever they could – they needed the Sunday Night Soul Roll to start their week.

Over the years the session has grown from skating a few dozen regulars to hundreds of enthusiasts. This is a celebration of accomplishment for a city not previously known in the roller skating community until recent years.

In May of 2005 Letta found a local rink to take skating lessons. Letta was gearing up to attend an adult skate party in Chicago. On the invitation of Phil Myers, (GetYourSk8On co-founder) she promised she would attend the Chicago event where the then, 55 year old Myers (a Korean American, Oil Engineer) said he skated with his brotha’s and sista’s! Not knowing what to expect, she bought a pair of skates her first night in the rink. With only 8 weeks to learn how to skate, she took lessons and became a session regular of the Sunday Night Soul Roll.

Upon returning to Tampa from the Chicago experience, Letta wanted to expose the culture of traveling and skating to Tampa locals. It was love at first roll and has since vowed to promote roller skating everywhere she went. There was also a strong desire to show other skater across the country HOW GREAT skating in Tampa had become and she wanted to showcase the talent of her fellow session regulars. GetYourSk8On Entertainment was born. This was the first website to introduce roller news coverage by the use of video online (there was no Facebook, Twitter and YouTube was still a newborn)!  Traveling to more than 13 states and 46 rinks in her first year, she just wanted to encourage adults to return to roller rinks and experience this great American past-time all over again.

Letta volunteered to help in the organization of the annual MLK anniversary event which soon became more than just a local weekend skate jam. Through her travels she promoted the City of Tampa, its skaters. Now known as the Soul Roll Invitational Skate Jam, adults 21 and older travel have from Michigan, California, London UK, Texas, New York and many other cities to attend this 4 day celebration on skates.

Now in its 6th year hosted by GetYourSk8On Entertainment, the party has a loyal following of locals and skaters from across the US.

In these tough economic times, we know and appreciate that you expect a lot for you entertainment dollar. And like so many other consumer brands, products and services … YOU have a CHOICE.  We offer beautiful weekend in Tampa and all the attention to detail you deserve. It is our goal  you will be proud and excited to celebrate with us.

Thanks for all of your support – I had to return to the wood because I know

  1. Recently moved to Tampa. Looking for skating rink with R&B old school music

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